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Earlier this year we quietly switched the infrastructure that forwards ${author} email addresses from our home-grown solution to Pobox’s Bulk Forwarding system. Our system wasn’t keeping up with the spam-filtering needs of these widely published email addresses.

Pobox is now detecting over 93% of the incoming email to as spam and taking care of it. That’s tens of thousands of spam emails a day that aren’t forwarded on. (Almost 2.5 million emails a month!) Said another way -- less than 7% of emails sent to are valid!

Beyond improved spam filtering, there’s also better forwarding due to support for SRS (for SPF) and ARC-Seals for DMARC. (The email is less likely to be rejected by the recipient mail server.)

On behalf of all the CPAN authors, we’d like to thank (part of the Fastmail family) for providing us this amazing service.

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For over 17 years, the Perl NOC has hosted an RT instance for Perlbug, the system that tracks and manages Perl bugs and feature requests.  Two weekends ago, it transitioned to GitHub.    Background is available in this thread.

We'd especially like to thank Todd Rinaldo who led the migration and did most of the work.  His attention to detail cannot be understated.  17 years of data (some of which had been migrated to RT from the previous system) required a lot of tweaking and polishing to make it look nice.  His hard work shows in the result.

It's been fun and interesting to support this particular piece of Perl development for so long.  We're excited about the new possibilities that GitHub's platform enables for Perl's fourth decade.

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Henk Penning

It is with great sadness that we must report that Henk "HPP" Penning passed away this summer.  For the last decade he was the sole maintainer of the CPAN mirrors list, patiently working with hundreds of mirror operators around the world. He also managed the system that monitored the status of those mirrors, ensuring that out of date mirrors were quickly detected and removed.  His “instant mirroring” client was used by many mirrors to ensure that their copy of CPAN was up to date within minutes of a new package being added.

Even through the end, he carefully, gracefully, and with lots of patience made sure others had access to the systems he was running. He quietly worked in the background, but every Perl developer benefited from his work, knowingly or not.

He was also member of the Apache Software Foundation (and also managed their mirror network).  They posted a very nice memorial page that's worth reading.

We remember Henk for his ever present kindness and helpfulness.  The Perl and broader open source communities are will miss him.

- Ask & Robert

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Our friends at OpusVL have built a beautiful new site.

The site automatically gets updated with 安卓手机上外网教程, and all the old URLs should work.

To report bugs, make pull requests or feature suggestions, see the GitHub projects: and

(The site is still on the 手机vnp怎么弄啊, so it should load nice and fast anywhere).

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Maintenance Week

We're making some changes to the perl NOC hosting infrastructure this week.  There may be some instability.  We'll do our best to minimize it.  When we're done, we'll post an update with what's changed....

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Email Outage

Due to a server failure, and email is not currently flowing.  We're working on repairing it, but it may take several hours.

Update: The instance has suffered significant file-system corruption.  We're attempting to restore from a backup.  This may result in the loss of a small amount of mail that had been received but not yet delivered.

Update: Mail is flowing again.  It may take a few hours for the backlog to clear.

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Server maintenance

We're doing maintenance today to the servers and network setup; disruptions to the CPAN master mirror, PAUSE,, and the mailing lists may happen through the next ~8 hours (and possibly after as we finish things up).

Many of the servers are getting new drives or SSDs and the network setup will get a small overhaul if all goes well.

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Network issues: Where'd the magic smoke go?

We had a router failure on Saturday night, which took the network equipment offline for most of the night.  We were able to cobble things back together, but as of now (Sunday afternoon) we're still working out some kinks in our solution.  In particular we're not getting the throughput we expect.  You may notice that some services are slower than normal.

We'll update this blog post with any significant updates.

Update July 1, 2018 10:00pm:  set hw.vtnet.tso_disable=1 is the magic that got our speeds back up and helped with some other weirdness. 

Update July 1, 2018 11:23pm:  IPv6 is working again too.  Time for sleep.

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Yesterday, we threw the switch and routed all traffic for to

The MetaCPAN team has worked hard to ensure that almost all links continue to work and that it will be a painless experience for users. 

Olaf Alders, founder of MetaCPAN, has written a article where you can read more about the switch.

A fond farewell to  We'll miss you!