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Project A, located in Ashland, Oregon, offers programming, development, and eCommerce services spanning the globe.  We have expertise in multi-channel and multi-currency solutions driven by the hybris ecommerce framework. We also serve our small (but mighty) local businesses and organizations.


Custom Software

Expertly written software to fit your exact business needs.

Web Content Management

CMS solutions from WordPress to our own SoloFlight, Site-in-a-Box and Custom Developed systems.

Web Development

Frontend and Backend Web Design, Coding & Integrations.

Mobile Apps

Award-winning Apple iOS and Google Android app design, development and deployment. 


Online commerce solutions for small, medium & large business.

Managed Web Hosting

Fully Managed Shared, Virtual Server and Cloud Hosting services for our client's projects.


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I want you to know how pleased the City of Ashland is with Project A's product. Thanks again to you and your staff and congratulations on developing such an excellent product.

Ann S.

City of Ashland, OR

Rogue Valley Transit has specialized needs for our website to accommodate our advanced bus schedule data for the public's trip planning needs. The Project A team has the skills to provide the advanced web development we needed. They were very helpful with conceptualizing the unique framework we have as a multi-jurisdictional transit provider and took each step with an open mind but also provided strategic guidance. We are extremely happy with the end result.

Paige T.

Rogue Valley Transportation District

The value of communicating with the same friendly experts who are familiar with our setup, our company, and our needs cannot be overstated. Patient and helpful, with a much appreciated sense of humor, we gladly recommend their services.


Sappo Hill Soapworks

Project A's work has exceeded our expectations. Their "Government In A Box" product has all of the power and functionality we were looking for a government Web site. The site they built for us was delivered on time and within budget.

Keith A.

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Project A is extremely responsive, easy to work with, and a great service partner.

Jessica L.

Halo Branded Solutions

I so appreciate your responsiveness and how quick you all work on our tasks and issues. Please pass my thanks along to your development staff.  You guys are great!

Ali S.

City of Mercer Island, WA

Project A's service exemplifies value-added. They consistently provide clear, concise, on point and friendly responses to our questions and deliver projects on time and cost effectively.

Valerie J.

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"... after an extremely tedious and dysfunctional experience with another software company, we were delighted that Project A was able to meet our expectations. We have already had positive feedback from staff, faculty and students regarding their ease in completing this application!"

Robyn M.

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