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To fund and deliver effective programs that address the needs of Northern California children.


Through best practices and professional stewardship, our solutions result in a lifelong positive impact on children, their families and the community.



We host all kinds of events at The Variety Preview Room — and you can, too! We magically transform it into an event space for your receptions, panel presentations, workshops, investor meetings, screenings - whatever type of gathering you want to produce!


Since 1980 we have been operating a private screening room and lounge space. We serve the movie industry and public events which generate additional funding for our programs. We also showcase this private theater with selected movie screenings, author readings, and art receptions.


(And we donate the venue by offering it to youth groups and schools for their use).

All children are special. However, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Northern California’s purpose is to serve children who are less fortunate – children who live and grow up with a serious illness, disability or disadvantage. These are extra special children who require a special kind of help.




Variety - the Children’s Charity of Northern California is a registered non-profit charitable organization (Federal Tax ID: 94-1075155). All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We make every effort to ensure fiscal responsibility and effective use of our funding. We perform administration duties as a function of our volunteer-based and dedicated board of directors and undergo yearly a third-party audit. Of course, we can't do everything on our own. We proudly work in partnership with many hard working children’s agencies throughout the Bay Area.

To raise a child with a serious illness or disability costs a family four to five times the cost of a child not living with one or more of these conditions. Through Variety, your donation can forever change the life of a child and their family by helping fund key equipment and services to lessen the financial burden and provide every child with equality and a limitless future.

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Today we are a very special organization lead by an enthusiastic group of business and community leaders who donate time, resources and energy to positively impact the lives of children in need across our communities. From our headquarters in San Francisco, we support thousands of children each year together with our partner agencies, community sponsors and well-minded/caring donors.

Unlike most charitable organizations that focus on a single area problem or issue, Variety focuses on multiple unmet needs of children who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disabilities and other special needs at a local, national and international level. Our aim is to maximize the real, long-term positive social impact for all children. Variety welcomes the support of any person who shares our ideals and objectives – the profound and long-term life-changing benefits your donation and support delivers to a child cannot be overstated.

Although Variety’s work is serious, we never forget the importance of having fun. Bringing smiles to the faces of children is a positive and fun experience for Variety volunteers, sponsors and supporters.

© Variety - the Children's Charity of Northern California

Variety - the Children’s Charity of Northern California is a registered non-profit charitable organization (Federal Tax ID: 94-1075155). All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.