Pedos on the British throne

Literally sitting on the royal throne, although it isn’t quite what you might not unreasonably assume it to be:

A bombshell photo has emerged that shows child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell sitting in the British Queen’s throne inside Buckingham Palace, according to reports. Maxwell was arrested by U.S. authorities this week over her alleged role in Epstein’s child sex slavery operation.The newly emerged image shows Maxwell sitting in the throne alongside disgraced actor Kevin Spacey during a private tour of the palace organized by Britain’s Prince Andrew, it has been reported.The photo was obtained by British newspaper The Telegraph and was reportedly taken in 2002.

That’s really not a good look at all, although I suppose it would explain an awful lot about the Jimmy Saville catastrophe. At this point, I’m astonished that Prince Andrew hasn’t been locked up in the Tower of London for the good of the monarchy.


Not inclusive enough

It’s amusing how warring SJWs always accuse each other of being racist, sexist, homophobic Nazis. It’s as if they all know their attacks on the Right, which force the average conservative to assume the fetal position on demand, were pure nonsense all along:

In the latest example of ‘cancel culture’, novelist Gillian Philip was last week jettisoned from her role writing titles for a major publishing company.

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Her move sparked a torrent of online abuse and emails to her employer Working Partners, a ‘fiction packaging’ firm which devises series for publishing houses and commissions authors to write them.

Ms Philip, 56, had expressed her support for the Harry Potter creator after she retweeted an article referring to ‘people who menstruate’ and questioned why the story did not use the word ‘women’.  Ms Rowling was subjected to trolling and accused of being ‘transphobic’.

However, Ms Philip – one of several authors writing under the name Erin Hunter on popular animal fantasy series including Warrior Cats, Survivors and Bravelands – found herself sacked for her support of Ms Rowling.

After Ms Philip received sexualised abuse and deaths threats from the trans lobby, she tweeted ‘Bring it on, homophobes and lesbian-haters’ – which only inflamed the situation.

Within 24 hours, James Noble, managing editor of Working Partners, replied to the barrage of complaints saying: ‘The worlds created by Erin Hunter are meant to be inclusive for all readers and we want to let you know that Gillian Philip will no longer be writing any Erin Hunter novels.’

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This deceased writer/publisher of a well known magazine that still runs was also known for having a television show. His manner and speaking style were mocked on sketch comedy shows many times.

He preferred sexual relations with men rather than with women but like a lot of men of his generation he could not acknowledge this and so married and had children. In addition, the audience he cultivated would not have accepted this.

He spent a lot of time with homosexual prostitutes from a specific procurer.  He would often tell his favorites that he would refer to them on his TV show by assigning them an obscure word, Latin or old English, and then use the word on his show that week.

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SJW corpocracy smells blood

They’re going after the Washington Redskins again.

  • FedEx is requesting a name change for the team that plays at FedEx Field. A day after a group of investment firms asked FedEx and other companies to stop doing business with the team unless it changes the team name, FedEx released a statement to multiple media outlets saying it has requested a name change. “We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name,” the statement said.
  • At, there’s no sign of any merchandise bearing the name or logo of the Washington franchise. There’s more: The vertical drop-down menu on the left side of the site that comes up when searching for gear for any of the other NFL teams completely omits the Washington franchise. Last year, Nike omitted the team name from its annual Salute to Service collection. The more recent action sends a much stronger message.

If Snyder and the NFL are foolish enough to cave on this, it’s only a matter of time before the New England PATRIOTS and the Kansas City CHIEFS are targeted. And no amount of exegesis concerning what is and what is not a racial slur is going to prevent it.

At some point in time, people are going to grasp that giving any ground at all to these demoniacs is simply an invitation to subsequent attacks. There is always one, and only one, answer to give to corporate threats to pull support in order to force your compliance in anything: “fine, go away now.”

The Trumpslide is still on

Remember, the vote is not between President Trump and some mythical crossbreed of FDR, JFK, and Obama, it’s between him and a candidate who is so much worse than an obviously sick Hillary Clinton that they have to keep him out of sight of the media 24-7.

Professor Helmut Norpoth from Stony Brook University told Lou Dobbs on August 16th, 2016, that Donald Trump had an 87{be34cf4e072da35a0c04a2e221243f4cbc894a96c0bad199497f322617eb5c82} chance of winning the 2016 Presidential election.
trump green bay

Professor Norpoth is a political science professor at Long Island’s Stony Brook University. His model has been correct since 1996 on predicting the popular vote. Helmut joined Lou Dobbs again tonight to discuss the 2020 election.  He gives President Trump a 91{be34cf4e072da35a0c04a2e221243f4cbc894a96c0bad199497f322617eb5c82} chance of winning the 2020 Presidential election.

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Shut up, Ted

How many national anthems do we have??

Is there an Hispanic national anthem?

An Asian-American national anthem?

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– Ted Cruz

Shut up, Ted. You’re a Cuban who arrived by way of Canada. You’re not a Texan. You’re not an American. You’re a foreign mandarin of an imperial state.

If blacks tell you they’re playing their national anthem, then they are obviously a distinct and separate nation. Listen to them. Or are you denying them self-determination?

Historian in hot water over history

How dare British historians actually know anything about British and world history!

Historian David Starkey could lose his University of Cambridge fellowship after he claimed ‘slavery was not genocide’ because ‘so many damn blacks live in Africa and Britain.’

Dr Starkey, 75, was accused of racism following an interview with BeLeave founder Darren Grimes, during which he argued the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is ‘wholly and entirely a product of white colonisation’.

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He added: ‘What has happened of course is that the only reason that these young black protestors are here – isn’t it slavery?

‘It’s only because of the great African diaspora, the compulsory diaspora, because of slavery. What of course that brings you up to confronting is of course slavery was not the equivalent of the Holocaust.

‘Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there? An awful lot of them survived.

‘And again, there’s no point in arguing against globalisation or Western civilisation: they are all products of it. We are all products of it.

Slavery obviously isn’t genocide. Economically inefficient as it is, it wouldn’t have worked as long as it did if it was. American Indians suffered genocide in part because they didn’t make good slaves. Africans, quite obviously, did not, with the exception of those living in the Belgian Congo.

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They were kicked off Shopify today. Watch this space for their inevitable revival with their own independent platform.

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