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American Physical Society, Max Planck Gesellschaft Pilot Transformative Agreement

July 7, 2020

APS and the Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) have finalized the terms of a strategic partnership that allows MPG authors to easily publish open access in all hybrid and gold 小火箭ssr永久免费节点 journals at no direct cost to authors. At the center of the collaboration is APS’s first “read and publish” pilot, covering the calendar year 2020, and building upon the long-standing relationship between APS and the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL).

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Follow the Crowd to Find a Smell

July 7, 2020

Simulations show that by trusting their neighbors and following their own “noses,” a swarm of fictitious organisms inspired by moths can quickly find a smell’s source in turbulent air.

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Mihir Durve et al.
Phys. Rev. E 102, 012402 (2020)

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October 23, 2019

APS congratulates Eric DeGiuli as the recipient of the 2020 Irwin Oppenheim award for best paper by an early career scientist published in Physical Review E. His article was selected for its development of a comprehensive theory to describe the inherent states of amorphous solids.

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Eric DeGiuli
Phys. Rev. E 98, 033001 (2018)

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APS Announces Outstanding Referees for 2020
March 2, 2020

APS has selected 147 Outstanding Referees for 2020 that have demonstrated exceptional work in the assessment of manuscripts submitted to the Physical Review journals. A full list of the Outstanding Referees is available online.

New Associate Editor for shadowrocket永久免费节点 - Caterina Riconda
January 15, 2020

We welcome Caterina Riconda (Sorbonne University, Paris) who joins the editorial staff of Physical Review E. As Associate Editor, she will be handling manuscripts in the area of plasma physics.

New Associate Editor for Physical Review E
November 4, 2019

We welcome Emily S. C. Ching (Chinese University of Hong Kong) who joins the editorial staff of Physical Review E. As Associate Editor, she will be handling manuscripts in the area of fluid dynamics.

In Memory of Bruno Eckhardt
August 27, 2019

It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our dear colleague Bruno Eckhardt. Bruno was born March 25, 1960 and he died on August 7, 2019. He had served as Associate Editor for Physical Review E since 2007.

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APS-Max Planck Gesellschaft Pilot Transformative Agreement


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2019 Journal Citation Reports

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