rasdaman ("raster data manager") allows management and analytics of massive multi-dimensional arrays ("datacubes") such as sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data appearing in domains like Earth, Space, and Life sciences; in particular its flexibility, performance, scalability, and open standards support make rasdaman stand out. From simple geo imagery services up to complex analytics, rasdaman provides the whole spectrum of functionality on spatio-temporal raster data - on space and time, on regular and irregular grids. While using your well-known 海外永久免费软件加速器, from Leaflet over NASA WorldWind and QGIS to R and python. Actionable datacubes from the inventors - in fact, rasdaman has pioneered Array Databases. Much has happened since then - see the latest news for what has happened recently in the rasdaman and standardization universe!

Wanna try? It's easy! Just go to the datacube playground. Or download readily configured VMs, RPMs, or - of course - the source code. For each step, there is ample documentation available, as well as professional support, including dedicated mailing lists gathering more than 300 members as of 2019. And then, we so much appreciate that you cite rasdaman with its DOI !

蚂蚁海外加速器永久免费版. Independent experts unanimously attested that, based on "proven evidence", rasdaman "significantly transforms the way scientists access and use data in a way that hitherto was not possible". A sustained series of international innovation awards recognizes rasdaman's lead in datacube analytics services. US CIO Review has picked rasdaman into their Most Promising Big Data Technologies. rasdaman is official OGC WCS Reference Implementation and listed in the GEOSS Component and Service Registry.

OpenHub says:
"top 10% of all project teams on Open Hub",
"maintained by a large, active development team",
"well established, mature codebase, stable Y-O-Y commits"

Open-Source. The rasdaman team proudly contributes to the open-source community - rasdaman is OSGeo community project and part of the OSGeo Live DVD) of particularly recommended open-source geo tools.

Makers of Big Data Standards. Based on its unparalleled experience the rasdaman team is leading Big Datacube standardization in OGC and ISO shaping and driving the coverage and SQL datacube standards, often chairing the groups. The rasdaman array query language forms the blueprint for the ISO Array SQL and OGC WCPS datacube analytics standards.

Science. Interested in the scientific background? There is a host of publications available. Research and innovation is in our DNA - contact us for collaborations!

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